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About Vojvodjanska banka

Vojvodjanska Banka is an institution with a long tradition and represents one of the most famous brand names in our country. The Bank was successfully acquired by the National Bank of Greece Group with 99.4% of the equity share, by the end of 2006. This acquisition of Vojvodjanska Banka, via a privatization process in which 11 European banks originally expressed interest, is considered the largest and most significant sale process of a state-controlled bank in Serbia to date.

Following the acquisition of Vojvodjanska Banka, the Group is placed 5th in terms of Total Assets and 2nd in terms of branch network (total of 109 units), confirming the potential of further growth in the Serbian Banking Sector

To this end and taking into consideration the long-term potential of our entities in Serbia, the take over of NBG AD-Beograd by Vojvodjanska Banka is of strategic importance for the NBG Group. After the take over, the two banks operate in Serbia under the name «Vojvođanska banka akcionarsko društvo Novi Sad» (Vojvodjanska Banka, a joint stock company Novi Sad), with its headquarters in Novi Sad, at the address Trg slobode no. 7. Combining the strong customer base and brand reputation of Vojvodjanska Banka with the NBG Beograd operational platform and the support of National Bank of Greece in banking products development, operations management, IT, capital, deposit potential and the integration process of these two banks will produce a powerful partner for both NBG Group and the Serbian economy.

According to our Group’s 3-year Business Plan, in 2009, the South East Europe region will contribute 13% to the Group Income. The Serbian contribution ratio to the region’s income is expected to amount to 20% of this.

The Bank’s vision which we shall continue to conduct is a profitable Bank organized in a modern manner and with long term prospects, which continually meets the needs and possibilities of its clients, its employees and the community in which it is active.

The business strategy is established on its orientation towards the Clients and on the expedite development of the new products with the strict risk control. Modern IT system and the communication lines of the best quality in the country create the basis for an efficient operating and distribution of products and services with the rational utilization of the points of sale, new channels of distribution and communication. The employment of the new personnel and continual investing into their development, as well as implementation of the sophisticated marketing and sales culture, will make Vojvodjanska Banka, the member of a powerful National Bank of Greece Group even closer to its clients. Innovations regarding its offer and changes in the distribution will produce a new quality and a new, more efficient and more comfortable cooperation.