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VobEbank users at this moment have at their disposal the following services:

  • Possibility of issuing a payment order electronically in domestic and international payments;
  • Possibility of collection of income in benefit of clients' accounts;
  • Possibility of payment in foreign currency in the country, in accordance with the Law;
  • Overview into the balance and movements of accounts;
  • Receiving statements of accounts;
  • Exchange list with today’s and historic data;
  • Selling of foreign currency bank electronically;
  • Possibility of issuing payment order with future value;
  • Possibility of access all clients’ banks accounts with a single smart card (which have Halcom application);


The advantages of electronic banking:

  • Favorable tariff
  • Easy to use,
  • Reducing the paperwork of the client,
  • Rational use of time,
  • Speed, quality and security of payment transactions,
  • Possibility of connection of E-bank system with internal financial system of the client


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Electronic Banking operations



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