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20. 04. 2012. - “EcOlympics in Voždovac”

The twelfth “EcOlympics“ in a row were held on Wednesday, 18th April in the primary school “Milan Đ. Milićević” in Voždovac. The table tennis player Marko Jevtović, who is the new member of the Olympic Team of Serbia for London, and Lucky, the mascot of the Olympic Team of Serbia socialized with children on this occasion.

In cooperation with Vojvodjanska banka, by playing games and socializing, the children learn about the basic Olympic values gained by playing sports. As a part of the “Olympic Fairytale”, the youngest pupils learn how to become genuine heroes, owing to their human and athletic skills.

Dejan Radović, the Branch Manager of the Branch Belgrade Vojislava Ilića, welcomed the participants and emphasized that the Bank, in addition to supporting the Olympic Team of Serbia, as the official bank of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, supports also the Olympic education programme with great pleasure since these projects are meant for children and young people.

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