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VobHomeBank is the Internet banking service for retail clients.

VobHomeBank offers:

  • Overview of balance and turnover in the current account 
  • Overview of used and unused cheques
  • Issuing of electronic payment orders for payments from home
  • Keeping of frequently used orders in the Order Directory
  • Cashless transfer on the purpose account for trading in securities
  • Overview of turnover of all cards issued by Vojvođanska banka that the client acquires
  • Overview of balance in the FX account for operating with cards

How to subscribe?

Fill in the request for subscription to VobHomeBank and read the General Terms and Conditions. All subscribers must have a current account with Vojvodjanska banka and regular monthly income.

How to access VobHomeBank system?

VobHomeBank service is accessed by username and password.

The connection to VobHomeBank is started by entering

in the address line of your web browser which will then take you to the access page. By choosing ULAZI (ENTER) you get to the login page. On the login page enter the username and password received from the Bank and then hit POTVRDI (CONFIRM) to go to the Web E-bank start page, which is the balance overview page.

If the wrong password is entered three times in a row, the system locks the user out. If the access is locked, contact the Bank's closest point of sale to receive a new password.

How safe are your privacy and confidentiality of your data?

The communication between the browser and the server is carried out through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, which enables encrypted transfer of data between the web browser and the server, as well as the user and server verification.

SSL is a generally accepted protocol for the safe transfer of data over the Internet.

Despite the use of the state-of-the-art technology, there is a danger of misuse if another person uses your computer in your absence while you are still logged on to VobHomeBank, or if your password gets into the wrong hands.

Therefore, the best ways to remain safe are:

  • Do not share your username and password with anyone
  • Always log out after the use of VobHomeBank
  • Use browsers with 128-bit encryption


System access fee: without fee

Service fee:

  • EUR 0.4 monthly in RSD equivalent (charged monthly, current account is automatically debited)

New password:

  • EUR 3.60 in RSD equivalent

Electronic payment order issuing fee:

  • Internal payment order – 0.07% of the amount and minimum RSD 8.00
  • External payment order – 0.08% of the amount, minimum RSD 11.00
  • Urgent payment order - 0.10% of the amount, minimum RSD 60


For payment of electricity bills, enter your electricity subscription number (from the book of bills) into the field "payment identification number" (poziv na broj).

For payment of other bills, enter the identification number from the invoice in the same field.


VobHome bank working hours are 24/7 365 days a year and customers can issue orders at any time, but it is needed to inform you about execution time of your orders regarding the working time of payments.
From Monday to Friday
• External orders (credit account is not in Vojvodjanska bank) sent until 17.15 will be executed in the same day;
• Internal orders (both debit and credit account are in Vojvodjanska bank, starting with 355) sent until 18.45 will be executed in the same day.
• Internal orders (both debit and credit account are in Vojvodjanska bank, starting with 355) sent until 12.45 will be executed in the same day.
• Sunday is not working day for payment system.
It is possible create and send payment order with future value date, but it is needed to have in mind working hours for Saturday, Sunday or State holiday.