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Constantly available reserve of funds for anything your business may need


You may get loan on account even if you have not been the client of Vojvođanska banka until now!

This type of short-term crediting is available to you even if so far you have not cooperated with Vojvođanska banka. In order to apply for a loan, all you have to do is submit a certificate of account turnover for the accounts you hold in other banks and open an account in Vojvođanska banka. If you meet the requirements set by the Bank, the overdraft may be at your disposal within 2 working days.




Useful information

What does the overdraft enable you?

  • Execution of all payments even when the funds available on your business account are lower than the obligations you need to settle
  • Liquidity at all times because you will always have on your account the necessary amount of funds

What makes the overdraft of Vojvođanska banka special?

  • Amount: up to EUR 20,000!
  • Loan use up to 12 months
  • Interest is paid only for the amount and for the days when you actually used the overdraft!
  • Fixed interest rate
Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

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Reference interest rate of the NBS

Reference interest rate of the NBS

Current values of the NBS reference interest rate, as well as the values of BELIBOR and EURIBOR are updated on a daily level