Loans Loans Loans Loans


A loan product is designed on the basis of your specific request, your possibilities and specific needs. We are following up on your business development and improve our offer accordingly. We have at your disposal short-term and long-term loans, in RSD, with currency clause or in foreign currency for the following purposes:

  • Loan for working assets
  • Authorised overdraft on current account
  • Long-term loans
  • Revolving credit line
  • Multi purpose credit line
  • Bill of exchange discount
  • Loro letters of credit discount
  • Other loan products

Guarantees, letters of credit and other types of surety

Successful business operating of our clients is at all times our priority. At the same time, it matters to us that your business operations should also be secure, and all potential problems foreseeable .

As a result of good business relationship built with our clients and thanks to mutual trust, we have the chance to use our legitimacy, reputation and significance built in the country and abroad, and offer to our clients the following guarantee instruments:

  • Nostro guarantee - customs, for the seriousness of the offer (for tender bid), for advance payment return, for due loan repayment, performance guarantee and other types of RD and foreign currency guarantees
  • Nostro letters of credit – payments to abroad
  • Bill of exchange endorsement
  • Binding letter of intent
  • Other sureties