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Subsidised loans



New in the offer of Vojvođanska banka!

Subsidised loans in cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture

Subsidised agricultural loans of Vojvođanska banka may be granted to:

  • Natural persons (holders of active commercial family farming household)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Legal entities (farming cooperatives with no less than 5 members which are inscribed in the Register of farming households as holders or members of five different registered farming households, if placed under micro or small enterprise in line with the law governing accounting)

RSD loans are approved by quick and easy procedure with up to 5 years repayment period!

The purpose of the loan may be:

  • Buying cattle for fattening and livestock
  • Investing into cultivating plants and buying of production material
  • Buying of agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Buying of cattle feed

File a request or find details about this program at the nearest branch of Vojvođanska banka.