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Broker operations

and financial advisory

We perform operations of investment company and we have extremely rich experience in rendering advisory services in trading with financial instruments. We have been one of the first members of the Belgrade stock exchange an the Central Depository and Clearing House. In addition, the Bank has been a member of the Investors protection fund since 2012.

With reference to the fact that purchase and sale of financial instruments may go exclusively through licenced participants on the capital market, we are offering overall service of mediation in buying and selling financial instruments in the country and abroad.

We are providing to you the services in trading in the organised an non-organised market with:

  • Financial instruments quoted on the domestic stock exchange
  • Financial instruments quoted on the international stock markets
  • Financial instruments issued by the Republic of Serbia
  • Shares in the bid for takeover of joint-stock companies
  • Shares in the bid for acquisition/disposal of own shares of company
  • And other financial instruments in the way envisaged under the law

Commissions and fees for the services rendered by an investment company are charged in line with the Tariffs list, and the commissions of the market operator, CRHOV and other third parties are charged in line with the valid tariffs list of the said institutions.

We would like to advise the clients and potential clients, and particularly clients categorised into small business to check the document entitled “Information provided to the client”

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