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  • Let the time work for you!
  • Term deposit funds in RSD or in foreign currency!



Term-deposit your liquid assets under favourable conditions in Vojvodjanska banka for the depositing period you want in RSD or foreign currency!

Types of term deposit


Non-purposed term deposit

Enables you to deposit your free money assets to a bank account for a certain period of time at a certain interest rate.

For non-purposed term deposits Vojvodjanska banka does not have a specified maximum and minimum amount of deposit, and the level of interest rate depends on the amount of deposit and the depositing term.


Special purpose term deposit

Special purpose term deposit as collateral for granted placements (loans, guarantees and the like).

Visit our branch that is nearest to you and use competitive interest rates and secure savings conditions!

Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance

Vojvođanska banka participates in the mandatory deposit insurance system established in the Republic of Serbia.




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Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

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