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Electronic banking

  • Have you got Internet? Welcome to your bank!
  • Available 24 hours a day!
  • Save without standing in the line!

More pleasant and simpler way to mange your accounts and perform transactions, with up to 70% lower payment transaction commission! e-Banking web application enables you comfortable, secure and easy way of performing financial transactions. All you need is Internet access, mobile phone and active e-Banking service.

Registration of electronic banking


Keep your finances without coming to the Bank. It is enough to have an active debit or credit card of Vojvodjanska banka and activate e-Banking and / or m-Banking in a few simple steps. Learn more at the link.



What do I need for e-Banking?

Mobile phone
Internet access
Active e-Banking

What ensures my safety when I am using e-Banking?

During log on to e-Banking service, your safety is ensured by the following elements:

  • ID User name – generated in the system when e-Banking service is registered; it is your identification for accessing the e-Banking Internet service
  • Password – when e-Banking is activated and you access it for the first time, you define the password which you will be using for reporting to the service and authorising the transactions. The password consists of minimum 7 characters, a combination of small and capital letters, numbers and special characters (comma, dot and the like)
  • SMS code - it is a four-digit code that you get through an SMS message at your request when you access the service and when you execute your transactions.

What can you get with e-Banking?

  • Complete insight into all your current, foreign currency, credit and savings account and cards
  • Review of all your bank statements and turnover on all your accounts
  • Internal and external payments and exchange operations creation of standing orders and Direct debit orders
  • Change of daily/mothy limit
  • Communication with the Bank by using the application
  • Review of the products and forwarding requests for a products that is within the Bank’s offer
  • Contracting your m-Banking and SMS banking services

Useful information

What is SMS identification?

SMS authorisation is a new improved level of protection and security for using e-Banking service. Apart from the user name and password, accessing and authorisation of a payment requires authorisation SMS code. In order to use the service, you need to go to a nearest branch and leave your mobile phone number that you will use for identification.


Considerable cost reduction

Payments you perform at the Bank counters may be realised through e-Banking at as much as 70% lower commission! Funds transfers to the accounts within the Bank are free of charge! SMS messages for identification and authorisation of the transactions are free of charge.




Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

Check the fees and commissions




User manual

User manual

How do I use electronic banking of Vojvođanska banka