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Partnership between UNICEF and Vojvodjanska banka

Vojvodjanska banka has become a member of the Friends of UNICEF Club, by which strategic cooperation of these two institutions in creating better conditions for growth and development of children in Serbia has begun. The beginning of partnership has been marked by a joint visit of Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF director in Serbia and Marinos Vathis, president of the Executive Board of Vojvodjanska banka, to the Novi Sad Healthcare Centre and SOS Children's Village in Sremska Kamenica, supported by UNICEF.     

Within this cooperation, the Bank has enabled its clients to become regular donors of UNICEF and join the fast-growing Club of Friends of this organization which has now over 8,000 members. Citizens having an account in Vojvodjanska banka may as of now sign a standing order and allocate desired funds without commission each month for the support of UNICEF programs in Serbia. Activation of this service is free-of-charge and enabled at Bank's counters or in shopping centres where checkpoints of UNICEF are located.


"I am very happy when I see that our partners, such as Vojvodjanska banka, are joining the Friends of UNICEF Club. Only when all stakeholders are united can we achieve changes in favour of children – that the best beginning of life is ensured for each child, that inclusive education is made available for each child and that growing up in a safe and stimulating family environment is enabled to each and every child.  The business sector, the public sector and citizens, who together recognize the importance of investing in the most valuable capital of any country, and that being children, are crucial for such changes to take place. I thank Vojvodjanska banka for joining the Friends of UNICEF Club and supporting our work in Serbia with its monthly donations. Vojvodjanska banka has adapted its business to more flexible banking services so that citizens with an account in this Bank can easily join the community of responsible individuals dedicated to creating better conditions for every child in Serbia", said UNICEF director in Serbia, Michel Saint-Lot.   

 President of the Executive Board of Vojvodjanska banka, Mr. Marinos Vathis, expressed great satisfaction due to the beginning of cooperation with UNICEF. He emphasised that these two institutions were connected by long traditions, commitment to achieving long-term goals and the strong principle of sustainability which they applied in everyday business operations.


"Children are family members of our employees, members of the community we are operating in. They are our future manpower and business leaders. Generations yet to come will form the future of our operations, but of our private lives as well. The banking sector has a large direct and indirect influence on them. This is why we are obligated to help in creating conditions in which each child can develop all his/her potentials and build a "better tomorrow" for each and every one of us", stated Mr. Vathis and added:  

"At all times, Vojvodjanska banka is working on a great number of socially responsible projects. Each of them undoubtedly contributes and improves conditions of the community in which we are operating. However, I must distinguish the opportunity to invest with UNICEF into child development at the earliest age. I believe that this cooperation, together with the support program provided by the Bank to young people without parental care, will make the essential, crucial difference".     

The Friends of UNICEF club gathers numerous companies and individuals who contribute by regular monthly donations to UNICEF's mission to provide to each child in Serbia the best beginning in life. Funds collected in this way are redirected to currently implemented programs in Serbia by UNICEF, concerning early development, health, education and social care.