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Financial markets



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Financial markets

Financial markets

From now on foreign currency purchase and sale with legal entities in Hungarian forint as well!





Purchase and sale of foreign currency

Vojvođanska banka offers to all its corporate clients to purchase or sell foreign currency under the most favourable conditions. Purchase and sale of foreign currency can be contracted every business day from 9-16h.

Protection (hedging) against foreign currency fluctuation


Term (Forward) FX purchase/sale

Forward FX purchase/sale is a product that hedges companies from foreign currency fluctuations. The client agrees the rate at which he will purchase/sell FX at the specified future (forward) date.

Advantages of forward FX purchase/sale:

- Hedging from FX currency risk

- Income and expenses control

- Exchange rate (forward rate) is specified and guaranteed for the pre-agreed forward date

Vojvođanska banka offers the following types of forward transactions:

- Real forward – purchase/sale of FX for RSD with the agreed future value date. The client agrees the purchase/sale of FX “today” with the due date of execution of the transaction in the future.
- Covered forward (quasi forward)– purchase/sale of FX for RSD in which the client settles his obligation on the date the transaction is agreed, and the Bank at the agreed future date.
- Forward in instalments (step up forward) -enables the client to adjust purchase/sale of FX with own inflow and settle the due obligations in instalments as long as the agreed transaction lasts.

FX swop

FX swop is simultaneous purchase and sale of two currencies at pre-agreed foreign currency rates, which will become due at two different dates in the future. In the first transaction the client buys/ sells one currency, and in the second transaction the purchase/sale goes in the opposite direction of the first transaction between the client and the Bank. This type of transaction is intended for the clients who want to hedge their value positions (hedging from FX risk),as well as in order to manage their FX and dinar inflow/outflow.

Advantages of swap:

- Foreign exchange risk hedging (fixed rates)

- Ability to exchange one currency for another for a certain period of time

- The client at a given moment has the currency that he needs for his current business

- Management of inflows / outflows of foreign currency and RSD

Hedging against interest rate changes


Interest Rate Swap (IRS)

Interest rate swap is a product that represents exchange of one interest flow for another without simultaneous exchange of the principal. An interest rate swap is an instrument for hedging against changes in interest rates in the future and is intended for clients with long-term credit arrangements.

Interest Rate Option (CAP)

The interest rate option is a contract that enables the client to hedge against rising interest rates going up by fixing the maximum rate to which the client is exposed for the duration of the agreed business deal. It is intended for the clients who have long-term credit arrangements.


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