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  • Bank in your pocket
  • Minimal costs and unique prices!
  • Easy to use!
Registration of electronic banking


Keep your finances without coming to the Bank. It is enough to have an active debit or credit card of Vojvodjanska banka and activate e-Banking and / or m-Banking in a few simple steps. Learn more at the link.




Less is more!

Significantly reduce the cost of the bill payment commission.
m-Banking web application provides a comfortable, secure and easy way to perform financial transactions. All you need is internet access, a mobile phone and an active m-Banking application.
Save with the m-banking application!
Up to 70% lower payment commission!


An example of possible savings achieved by using e-Banking
Transaction amount / Fee amount Cash payment at the counter Cashless transfer of funds at the counter m-Banking commision
1,200 RSD 85 RSD 60 RSD 16 RSD
2,000 RSD 85 RSD 60 RSD 16 RSD
3,500 RSD 85 RSD 60 RSD 16 RSD
9,000 RSD 90 RSD 90 RSD 16 RSD
17,000 RSD 170 RSD 170 RSD 17 RSD
Total 515 RSD 440 RSD 81RSD
Total for the whole year 6,180 RSD 5,280 RSD 972 RSD

The calculation of savings assumes the execution of five monthly transactions that include payments of bills, installments and the like.

It is a representative sample.


Take a peek into m-Banking application!

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Activation code input Main menu Pin code input
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Credit account statement Branch and ATM locator Current account statement


Use the services of Vojvođanska banka at any moment and in any place, regardless of the working hours, at minimal costs and unique prices!




The application is available free of charge at

What can I get with m-Banking?

  • Insight into all your current, foreign currency, credit and savings account and cards,
  • Turnover and statement on other details on all your accounts and payment cards,
  • Internal and external transfers and foreign currency purchase/sale
  • Creation of templates for transfers and payments,
  • Contacting the Bank in reference to certain products,
  • Use of the locator of Vojvođanska banka Branches/counter offices and ATMs.

Advantages of mobile banking of Vojvođnska banka

m-Banking is easy to use, because all you need is a PIN, you do not have to come to the branch, nor turn on your computer. You can check and control your financial situation via the mobile phone from any place, any time day and night, regardless of the working hours of Vojvođanska banka!

Payment order are through the m-Banking application of Vojvođanska banka executed at unique commissions!

How to become a user of m-Banking service?

Easily. All you need is an RSD current account opened in Vojvođanska banka mobile phone (Android platform, version Android 4.3.0 and the following ones or iOS platform, version iOS 6+ and the following) and to have Internet access as well as enough storage space available (50 MB) in your phone to download the application.

Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

Check the fees and commissions