Overdraft Overdraft Overdraft Overdraft


  • Top-up whenever you need it
  • For all unexpected costs
  • It is easy to get an overdraft!

Why should you choose authorised overdraft of Vojvođanska banka?

  • You spend as much of it as you need and whenever you need, but you pay interest only for the days in a month on which you were using your overdraft.
  • Granted in the shortest time possible, with minimum required documents.
  • Credit Bureau report issuing and promissory note are free of charge.

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Useful information

Preconditions for getting an overdraft

  • The decision on the amount of the authorised overdraft on current account is approved after one salary or one pension has been paid to current account in Vojvođanska bank, and it is as high as the average monthly salary/pension, RSD 800,000 maximal.
  • Contract on overdraft is valid 12 months at max. After expiry of this period, the contract can be renewed if so requested by client, and on condition that the client meets all preconditions for renewal of authorised overdraft defined by the Bank.
  • For approval of authorised overdraft of Vojvođanska banka you need minimal documentation: just bring to a Bank’s branch your valid personal document and Employment certificate with the amount of your average salary!

Interests and fees

  • Interest rate for authorised overdraft is 2,5% per month.
  • Special facility for the pensioners who receive pension on the account opened with Vojvođanska banka and have NEW Package for pensioners (in the Bank’s offer as of 26.04.2019) - interest for the authorised overdraft is 1,99% per month!
  • Fee for approval of overdraft: RSD 300 lump sum payment.

Representative example

Example for 12 month agreed term of use for persons under employment contract
Type of loan Overdraft on current account
Loan currency RSD
Indexing criteria No indexation
Authorised overdraft amount RSD 50,000
Annual nominal interest rate 30%
Method of interest calculation Proportional
Overdraft approval fee RSD 300
Total amount that a client is charged RSD 65,023.34
Effective interest rate p.a.
Note: the above example is based on the assumption that the client is using the entire overdraft amount during the entire contract, without early repayment. Calculation was made as at 07.06.2019


  • blank promissory note and administrative prohibition (not required for pensioners)
Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

Check the fees and commissions