Privacy regulations

Privacy regulations

Internet presentation of the Bank (hereinafter: the Internet presentation) is the property of Vojvođanska banka a.d. Novi Sad (hereinafter: the Bank). For the access to the Internet presentation of the Bank and data hereto the following Terms of use are applicable:

Terms of Use of Information

All information available on the Internet presentation of the Bank is informative in nature and cannot be used for commercial purposes nor distributed to third persons. The information that is published on the Bank’s Internet presentation is considered accurate and reliable at the time of being uploaded to the site. The Bank may, at any moment, without prior announcement, make updates in the existing or add new information to its Internet presentation. The Bank is trying to keep the data on its Internet presentation up-to-date. However, the data may in the meantime change. For that reason the Bank cannot be responsible for the use of the information from its Internet presentation, as they are intended for information purposes only. In addition, the Bank cannot be held responsible for possible outcomes that may result from different interpretation of the material from the Internet presentation. For any additional information, please contact the Info centre of Vojvođanska banka by dialling 0800 23 23 22 or pay a visit to the Bank’s branch which is nearest to you.


The user agrees to use the Internet presentation of the Bank at own responsibility therefore the Bank may not be held responsible for any detriment or loss that may result from using the Internet presentation or the services, Internet services and software which are its integral part. In line with the above, the Bank shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect or consequential damage, or any other damage that may arise from the use of the Internet presentation and its content, or in case of inaccessibility to the Internet presentation.


The content of this Internet presentation is protected under the law and is exclusive copyright of the owner, i.e. the Bank. All copyright and other intellectual property rights in terms of content, arrangement, concept and design belong to the owner of the Internet presentation. Registered trademarks, logo signs, names of individual persons and other similar intellectual property are owned by the owner or by the third persons. Disregard of the binding terms of use is subject to application of appropriate legal regulations. Any kind of unauthorised multiplication, reproduction, public presentation or distribution of the Internet presentation content is forbidden.

Changes in the regulations

The Internet presentation owner retains the right to, without prior announcement, change the Privacy regulations. Any change in the Privacy regulations shall be timely published. All users shall be timely informed about the major changes and amendments, in an announcement uploaded on the Bank’s Internet presentation.

Collection and protection of the user data

In accordance with the legal regulations, the Bank protects its users privacy. The Internet presentation contains the possibility of user personal data collection (name, family name, telephone number, e-mail address). These data each user discloses voluntarily by filling in the form, by which he/she automatically gives consent for the use of these data for the contacting purposes , statistics about visitations to the Bank’s Internet presentation, agreeing the meetings with the Bank employees or any future notification about the Bank’s offer or special promotional activities. By using the Bank’s Internet presentation, the user confirms that he/she is familiarised with the way in which the personal data are collected in accordance with the law and that he/she agrees that the data can be processed (electronically or physically). The Bank keeps and processes all data with the newest measures for data protection in accordance with the law and the Bank’s internal documents. Possible users of these data are the companies with which the Bank collaborates in rendering the services to its clients and with which the agreements on the data confidentiality protection have been concluded.

Any user may at any time revoke the given consent by forwarding to the Bank a written notification. Moreover, in case of suspecting of unauthorised data processing (right to notification, data examination and the like), the user may exercise all legal rights thereto.


By using the Internet presentation of the Bank the user accepts the use of HTML – cookies which are placed on the user’s PC and represent textual data files which, on visits the Bank’s Internet presentation, forward back the information about the websites from which the user followed-up to the Internet presentation of the Bank, as well as the user’s trajectory through the Bank’s Internet presentation. This information helps the Bank to get to know better the users interacting with its Internet presentation, in order to improve the search options and its functionality. The user can disable the cookies by activating the setup on his/her browser that enables setting of all or some of the cookies. You may find more information about the cookies management by following the links: 95647?hl=sr i

Terms of use of the remarketing and online advertising function (Google AdWords remarketing)

The rented places designated for advertising on the Internet presentation of the Bank are intended to enable re-advertising (directly or by activation of the rented form) to the visitors of the respective websites the characteristics of their products. This kind of advertising may be made throughout the Internet network with no restrictions in reference to the initial purpose of the website, its origin, industry or appearance. Every user may, at any time, revoke their granted consent by submitting a written notification to the Bank and they may also exercise all legal rights in case they consider that data were processed in an unauthorised manner (right to information, access to data, etc.)
Re-advertising would be used in the situations when the new content is displayed exclusively to the past visitors of the webpages on which the advertisement was displayed, that is to the visitors who already saw the initial advertising message.
For advertising on the Internet, the Bank uses several distribution channels for the advertisements and the advertising messages. An advertising message appears on various webpages throughout the Internet by the portals and/or the websites that are interested enabling the advertising networks to set up advertising blocks through which the advertising networks (Google among others) place their advertisements. The advertisements are displayed depending on the content displayed on the webpages on which the ad blocks appear. In reference to the fact that advertising is intended exclusively for the persons with the upfront defined characteristics, and who are familiar with the material /products/services being re-advertised/advertised their confirmation about the knowledge about what is being re-advertised is a specific cookie, which, when it is present in the internet browser, activates the re-advertising process.
If any visitor of the internet webpages whose content may activate the process of re-advertising does not wish to use cookies in the way described above, he/she can disable them by changing the browser preferences. More information about Google AdWords re-marketing at, and about Facebook retargeting at The Bank shall retain the right to change at any time the terms of use. These Terms of use are applicable as of the day of being published on the Internet presentation of the Bank The Bank’s Internet presentation as well as the Terms of use have been created in line with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia. All possible disputes arising from the use of the Bank’s Internet presentation or the Terms of use shall be resolved by applying the relevant regulations of the Republic of Serbia.