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Activation of electronic banking
without coming to the bank

  • Activate e / m-Banking from Home!

How can I activate e-Banking and/or m-Banking without coming to a branch?


You need to have:

  • Account opened at Vojvodjanska banka;
  • Active debit or credit card of Vojvodjanska banka;
  • Registered mobile phone number with the Bank;
  • Internet access.

That's it, you're ready to manage your finances quickly and easily!

register e-Banking
You need to activate e-Banking and/or m-Banking on the Vojvodjanska banka Electronic banking web site. You can access this site through an internet browser or from the link inside the m-Banking application, which can be downloaded from one of the available marketplaces, the Google Play Store-a ili App Store-a.


1. Enter the information from the Vojvodjanska banka card on the activation link: enter the card number (first four and last four digits), validity date (in mm / yy format), mobile number (063123456), mark e-Banking and/or m -Banking, accept the Bank's General Terms and Conditions and press the "SEND" button. Your service activation request has now been sent to the Bank.


2. After the application confirms the validity of the entered data, a new screen will open, which represents the second step of the activation process: by clicking on the button “NEXT” you will send an SMS code request.


3. You will receive an SMS code to the mobile number that you have registered with the Bank. Enter the code you provided in the box provided and by selecting the "Continue" button, your activation is completed.


4. Congratulations, you have successfully activated! There is only one step left: The Bank will send you an SMS with activation codes for e-Banking and/or m-Banking. Enter these codes in the „Activate user with codes“ field.


Just follow these steps and the application is ready to use!