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SMS banking

  • The fastest way to the information about incoming payments,
    realised withdrawal or the current balance on your accounts.

Use the Vojvodjanska banka SMS banking service in your business to quickly and easily get the most important information about transactions and the balance on your accounts.



Registration of SMS banking service over e-Banking or at the nearest branch






In a few seconds you may get information about the incoming payment you are expecting, about the realised withdrawal or about the current balance on your current, foreign currency or card account.




What do you need?

Any model of mobile phone
Request for SMS service that you may take over at any branch of Vojvođanska banka

What information are available to me through the SMS banking service of Vojvođanska banka?

  • Incoming payments to account exceeds a certain amount
  • Outgoing payments exceeds a certain amount
  • Account balance exceeds a certain amount
  • Account balance lower than a certain amount
  • Transactions executed with payment cards
  • Account balance at a certain time and on a certain day
  • Automatic notification on incoming payment on card account.

How does SMS banking service work?

You get message at a certain time or send your inquiry for the balance in one of the following ways:

To number 4400 you send the following text: otp key word. In a few seconds you will receive a message about the balance on your account and the latest transaction.

If you wish to register authorised persons from your Card of authorised signatures, you must personally report their respective telephone number for using SMS service.

Inquiry into your account balance is charged at the price set by your mobile operator and that amount is going to be deducted out of your pre-paid credit, i.e. added to your post-paid mobile telephony services.

SMS fees

Use of the service SMS banking per account RSD 50 monthly

Use of the service SMS inquiry into the account balance RSD 7 + price of SMS message at the tariff set by your mobile operator plus tax (charged by the operator)

Use of the service SMS banking per business card RSD 50 monthly

Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

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