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Subsidised loans



New in the offer of Vojvođanska banka!

Subsidised loans in cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture

Vojvodjanska banka is fully committed to preserve the business of agricultural farms and to provide all possible types of support in overcoming possible worries and problems. We are taking the first step on that path together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, based on the Decree on Financial Support to Agricultural Farms through easier access to the use of loans in difficult economic conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subsidised agricultural loans of Vojvođanska banka may be granted to:

  • Private Individuals (holders of active commercial family agricultural farming household)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Legal entities (agricultural cooperatives with no less than 5 members which are inscribed in the Register of farming households as holders or members of five different registered farming households, if placed under micro or small enterprise in line with the law governing accounting)

RSD loans are approved by quick and easy procedure with up to 5 years repayment period!

The purpose of the loan may be:

  1. Livestock development, which includes the procurement of cattle and cattle insurance premiums prescribed by a decree of the Ministry;
  2. development of arable farming, fruit growing, viticulture, vegetables and floriculture;
  3. investments in agricultural machinery and equipment;
  4. procurement of cattle feed;
  5. investments in certain types of machinery and equipment used in plant agricultural production;
  6. liquidity.

File a request or find details about this program at the nearest branch of Vojvođanska banka.

Representative examples of loans for registered agricultural households for the purposes listed under numbers 1, 2, 4 and 6:

Loan amount  2.000.000 RSD
Loan repayment period 18 meseci
Loan approval fee 1,5% (30.000 RSD)
Annual nominal interest rate (fixed) 1%
Effective interest rate EKS* 3,05%
Monthly fee for account maintenance 200 RSD
Stamp duty for Tax administration certificate 640 RSD
Fee for the Credit Bureau report 246 RSD
Fee for 2 bills of exchange  100 RSD
Three-month annuity 336.253 RSD
Overall loan amount in RSD that is repaid after the loan has been repaid in full 2.052.305 RSD

*Effective interest rate calculated on 15.04.2020. years.

For the purposes listed under numbers 3 and 5, the annual nominal fixed interest rate is 3% except for a natural person - holder of a commercial family farm who is registered in the Register with residence in an area with difficult working conditions in agriculture, or who has reached the highest 40 years of age in the current year, ie female, for which the fixed interest rate on the outstanding part of the loan is 1% per annum in the loan repayment period with a repayment period of up to 3 years.

File a request or find details about this program at the nearest branch of Vojvođanska banka, or call our Contact centre on telephone number: 0800 23 23 22.