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Visa Virtual

  • A safe means of online payment!
  • Daily limit for your safety
  • Pay in RSD or EUR
Visa Virtual is an international debit card from the Visa International system intended exclusively for paying on the Internet and for shopping through mail order and telephone sales.

Easy to get Visa Virtual card!

Visa Virtual card may be granted to all adult citizens provided they have a valid personal document. You do not need anything else! To Visa Virtual card account you may pay in RSD or EUR.

Visa Virtual card is issued for a 3 year period. After that a new card is issued automatically.



We recommend to make online purchases only through familiar secured web sites.




Useful information

Daily limit for your safety

How is Visa Virtual used?

When buying with Visa Virtual card you need:

  • Card number
  • Protective three digit number (CVV2) placed on the front side of the card and
  • Card validity date.

Lost or stolen card?


Verified by Visa i Mastercard SecureCode!

Safer and more secure buying and selling on the Internet.





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Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

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